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A Message from the CEO

A Letter From Our CEO

Aristotle wrote, "Men come together in cities in order to live, but they remain together in order to live the good life."

For many San Franciscans, the good life is generally at hand. Even with the economy's change of fortunes in the past several years, many people enjoy a beautiful city, access to good health care, warm and secure shelter, financial resources sufficient to meet basic (and maybe not-so-basic) needs, and friends and family who enrich our daily lives. When misfortune strikes us or those we love, we can count on an umbrella of resources-- personal, professional, legal, financial, medical--to help us weather the storm. By joining forces, we strengthen the web of support that helps protect ourselves, our families, our friends.

Many people are fortunate indeed; that network of connection and shared resources is essential to a good life. But if San Francisco has long offered much to many, it is also true that throughout our city's history, many others have struggled – and many struggle still--to marshal resources sufficient to their needs.

Recognizing this age-old disparity, throughout the city's history leading San Franciscans have joined forces to share their resources, not just with friends and family but with utter strangers. And for over a century, Family Service Agency of San Francisco and its supporters have reached out a steadying hand to thousands of San Franciscans with nowhere else to turn.

In the 124 years since our founding, FSA has produced a rich history of measurable—and invaluable—results: in the lives we help transform, the families we help restore, the neighborhoods we help strengthen. Over this history, the particulars, like San Francisco itself, have certainly changed.

But despite all the changes, one thing remains true: wherever the need, we’re here to help.

We hope you’ll join us.

Robert W. Bennett
President and Chief Executive Officer