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Children, Youth & Family Services

“Uno, Dos, Tres!" - Tolo, A Truly Exceptional Child

“Uno, dos, tres!” cries the teacher, tossing a handful of brightly colored rubber balls in the air. Squealing in excitement at this familiar game, the gaggle of preschoolers chases after them as the balls bounce across the play yard. Tolo runs, too, zeroing in on a bright yellow ball: running, then kneeling and stretching out his arms to retrieve the ball from behind the play structure. Success! Another ordinary accomplishment in the life of a preschooler.

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Adult Services

“I told myself yes, I can do it.” -- Gloria Bryant

Gloria Bryant, 70, lives in Senior housing today. Her parents got divorced when she was young, and she went to live with grandparents. She was married at the age of 17, her husband was 16, and she became the mom of four children. “It was an abusive relationship. I left at the age of 27. I came to San Francisco with my four children,” she says. “Haven’t seen my husband since, and I don’t wanna hear from him neither! When he was gone, I would feel strong. When he came back I would feel sick.”

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The Felton Institute

Seniors Helping Seniors: Volunteering at FSA

“There’s something about working with someone our own age –which is old!–it’s very clear that by helping them, we’re helping ourselves,” says John Cardozo, a volunteer with Partnership Assessment Service for Seniors (PASS), our program enlisting older volunteers as allies and advocates for mentally ill seniors, serving as their “link” to a range of valuable social services.

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